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Where to buy buttons?

Thousands of years ago, buttons as clothing supplies is popular in the clothing of the people. Today, with the development of technology and process, buttons also began to play a greater role.Different seasons, different styles of clothing has a different style buttons. Decorations in the coin has become secondary as link fastener utensils to use, it has become part of the fashion trend.

Now, the question comes: Where to buy buttons, which is high-quality and inexpensive?

Qiaotou Town, Yongjia County, Button Capital of China, is also Button Capital of the world . In last year, the buttons and the zipper , as two major industry of Qiaotou Town, realized a total industrial output value of 10 billion dollar, and export is 30% -40%. It’s worth mentioning that resin buttons accounts for 80% and 60% of the world’s market share.

where to buy buttons

china buttons city

Recently, Yongjia Qiaotou Town is awarded the title of ‘China’s garment accessories export base’ by the China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce. It is reported that this is the country’s first garment accessories export base.

Friends, congratulate you found us in Yongjia Qiaotou Town, here you can find a wide variety of high-quality buttons which are exported all over the world.


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