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Qiaotou Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, “Button Capital” gold card. Big market as a coin, the 2011 annual bridgeheads buttons wholesale output value reached 20 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of the country’s total output. With the further development of the network economy, the the bridgehead entity coin market gradually decline, the momentum of rapid increase in online sales, the growth rate reached 10% in the past two years, has accounted for nearly 70% share of total sales this year. Now, into the the bridgehead buttons entity market, could see each counter are stocked with computers, merchants tapping the keyboard, you can own buttons off to all over the world.


As the promoter of the development of the network economy, in recent years, the Trade and Industry Bureau of Yongjia County, actively committed to helping Qiaotou buttons to market online market guidance to solve the problem of most Qiaotou buttons enterprise Internet network, according to the 49 orders of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, according to the provincial Trade and Industry engineering requirements of the Credit Union of the Better Business Bureau Wan enterprises, and gradually form a complete basic framework: access to registration, opened a “green channel” for network subject to the implementation of the industrial and commercial registration matters relevant registration affairs guidance “button network included in the provincial bureau Wanqi Better Business Credit Union, the second batch of pilot sites last year, from the starting point of the site construction related requirements, full intervention site set to the new version of the overall development program tracking to send someone to provide nanny services.


Through nearly a year of hard work, the bridgehead buttons online market has gradually been getting on track, the area many buttons enterprises have become the direct beneficiaries of the site. According to the radius button chairman Zou Road, in the first half of the year, transaction volume reached by the companies through the website has accounted for 50% of total sales. People look forward to, the the buttons online market establishment With the in-depth development of e-commerce, and fully play its role, the upgrading efforts button market, Qiaotou button industry will flourish and gradually developed into a fence border large market.


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