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Recently, Zhang Jie, the vice president of the China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, went to the World Button City for declaring the work of Chinese clothing exports base(buttons and zippers industry import and export base). Qiao Tou town already has a good base for construction conditions, which is initially identified as the 33 base of China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export. This marks the county buttons and zippers industry has a broader stage in international trade.

In 2000, the buttons and zippers are included in Zhejiang international specialty industrial enclave by the provincial government. And the industry is positioned as “international buttons and zipper production distribution center”, which also been named as “Button City of China”, “zipper town of China”. Now, the town has three major production bases in Shima Ao, Jietou and Gulian, which covers an area of 800 acres with 500 production factories and companies about buttons and zippers.

Currently, two major industries have two well-known trademark enterprises, 8 provincial brands, 14 city-well-known trademark enterprises and 29 county famous trademark enterprises. All the garment accessories products are already exported to Southeast Asia, all over Europe. In 2011, the buttons and zippers industry have realized a total industrial output value of 5.023 billion yuan, and the export is $ 276 million.

Currently the town has more than 1,000 enterprises engaged in craft buttons production, and the annual output has reached 30 billion yuan, which is accounting for more than 60% of the domestic market, and has become the most comprehensive production base of hardware buckles.

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