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Recently,with zippers, buttons, hot drilling, metal fasteners and other accessories in fashion design is becoming increasingly prominent, and some sense of design materials are widely used in women’s fashion and casual wear, but experts warn , practical and decorative accessories in addition to the two major features, but also to ensure the health, safety, environmental protection, enterprises in the export garment accessories, remember not to ignore the plastic parts of the environmental requirements.

At present, Quanzhou export garment enterprises and buttons, zipper manufacturers, paid more attention to metal buttons, combo buttons plating and nickel zipper metal materials, lead, heavy metals, but often overlooked resin accessories environmental requirements.

Quanzhou Textile and Apparel Association official said, Recently, many incidents of domestic causes of failure resulting resin accessories apparel returned events, resin buttons and zippers and other transportation in Europe and America rejected mainly because the total lead content, resin buttons and zipper inexpensive, lower requirement of the mold, so is widely used in clothing production, quality and safety of these products should attract the attention of export garment enterprises.

The official reminded that enterprises should increase the quality and safety of plastic materials management and control, if necessary, will be sent to a third party garment accessories product testing organizations to verify that the raw materials suppliers validity of test results. In addition, the importing country should strictly follow the technical regulations and standards to organize production, not blind obedience to customer requirements, to avoid losses.


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