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On December 18, the Awards Ceremony of First China Craft Buttons Contest was held at the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Museum. Provincial People’s Congress, the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, West Town leaders attended the awards ceremony.

A total of 58 works in the competition finalists are selected from participating in the activities of the national primary and secondary students and kindergartners. With choosing one first prize, two second class prize, and third prize , the aim encourages students to independent thinking, freedom of expression, and enhance their self-confidence. The active also protects and stimulates their imagination, creativity, and improve their ability and creative thinking skills, foster scientific interest. Eventually, a work named “Millennium Town, Centuries Buttons” reacted the Human Geography characteristics and button industry won the competition first prize.

The Awards Ceremony of First China Craft Button Contest was successfully held, which marks China buttons production in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries has taken a new step with modern e-commerce distribution model. And also marks the button industry of china has found the development of the new trend.


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